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"Lots of groups say they defy classification, but with this one...believe it. One minute you think they are one thing and within the same tune they turn things on its head and surprise you."
- Peter Scholtes
(City Pages (Minneapolis, MN))
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Russian Sound Bear
models the hot Cobblestone shirt...

ITEM: Sexy Black T-Shirt.
DESCRIPTION: Show off your love of the Balkan Lounge Funk with this T-Shirt. Your pet Salamander will love you more for it! Get the Reptile Palace Orchestra T-shirt! Features reptile cartoon art by Bill Feeny on front. Comfy 100% cotton, we have about 4 shirts left: a couple Storm Greys and a couple Cobblestones (earthy light brown) in XL only: $13.oo

Please specify SIZE and COLOR. Will try to make more soon.

TO ORDER from the band's ''private merch stock'':
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2409 Dahle St
Madison WI 53704.

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RPO Artists' Solo and personal CD's, DVD's and Merchandise

Biff Blumfumgagne


ITEM: Biff's Solo CD

The 18 songs on the untitled Biff Solo CD cover a vast musical landscape: Old timey pieces, interesting electric loops, meditative mandolin - violin duets and a couple award-winning tunes all meld with humor to create a rare, unique collection sure to please for only $9.99. This new, sealed CD is good for relaxing or driving long distances and offers liner notes, color disc and sleeve artwork, a tinted soft plastic box and a cover photo by Craig Nagus from the Reptile's 2002 appearance at the On The Waterfront Festival.

1   Bert's Mandotation Early Version    2:50
  recorded at 1950 E. Main St. upper, Madison winter 1996. This 2 minute 50 second demo in G is still very pleasing to the ear and features the Washburn A-style mandolin, double tracked (both overdubbed by Biff), with plenty of yummy reverb and a singing solo electric violin.
2   Eartha Lee Julie   1.29
  from Reptile Palace Orchestra's "We know you know." 2003 CD. A loving tribute to the actresses who played the villianess "Catwoman" on the 60's television show Batman, featuring Adam West outtakes, backwards fuzz violin, Mayan ritual instruments and our Icelandic pal Siggi's beautiful beats.
3   Mandoshower   3.39
  another Main Street session, this one features the Washburn teardrop mandolin, 3 electric violins and sound effects. Inviting, open and dynamic introduction builds into a pretty, meditative instrumental. A nice clean ending.    
4   Old Timey Biff'n'Steve   2.17
  Steve Burke & Biff played a bunch of simple, easy feeling, happy - yet - vintage - sounding "Old Timey" tunes for a Wisconsin Cheese ad campaign. This is one of them. All are previously unreleased. Just guitar and violin, this one has a silly moo cow ending. Steve is all over this cd.    
5   If You Were A Frog Instrumental Demo   2.37
  Main St. Session. The unreleased rough sketch of the tune featuring several mandolins and violins, very sweet sounding yet different from the final version, perhaps with more of a 'swinging circus cabaret' yet minimal mood.    
6   Dancin'   2.42
  is a pretty little tune that never got released. Recorded at Beeftone with Steve Burke on banjo (1998-ish?), it's another relaxing ditty that features some interesting production if you listen carefully... The lyric is simply "Dancin - whirling round and round - Dancin - high above the ground - like a flame in the air - dancin' off, off to who knows where. Dancin - lighter than the breeze - Dancin - high above the trees - like a dream of myself - whirling off - off to somewhere else..." Vocal, mandolin, banjo, guitar.    
7   Purring Mandos   3.00
  Main St. Session. Heavenly mandolin duet that has a happy ending for kitty. Formerly Mandotation 2, this one has lots of reverb and an electric violin for good measure.    
8   Sea Duck Waltz Loop   1.57
  unreleased outtake from "We know you know." That's Bill Feeny on e-bow guitar, Siggi on beats and Biff on processed electric mandolin and acoustic violin. The ending melody portion of "Sea Duck Waltz" is by Olav Johanssen.    
9   Steve'n'Biff in the Farm Kitchen   2.08
  another simple old timey cheesey ad tune. This one is in G and has violin and guitar. Pretty happy feeling    
10   If You Were A Frog   3.27
  from "We know you know." This tune took first place in the 2003 Madison Songwriter's Competition - Children's / Novelty song.    
11   Bert's Mandotation   2.56
  final version from "We know you know," this one features John Kruth on his Mid-Missouri model EM-8 electric 8 string mandolin and Biff on the Washburn A-style M1-S 8 string electro/acoustic teardrop that was bought at Wade's Guitar Shop in Milwaukee many years ago with Willy Porter also getting one from the same shipment. Both were very affordable blems, and still play and sound wonderful to this day.    
12   Cheesey in the Straw   1.40
  another happy good timey tune with guitar and mandolin.    
13   Cold April Renewal   6.06
  an energizing, raga-styled, dynamic ambient-folk instrumental recorded during the Main Street sessions, winter 1996. Ebbing and flowing mandolins and violins interweave together in a shifting between major and minor keys - evoking the triumph and sadness of life, death and rebirth    
14    Super Siggi Deluxe   1.47
  from "We know you know." The beginning violin lick is the opening to "This is a Man's Man's Man's World" from "On the Wings of a Skink" - reversed. The Anna vocal is an outtake from Sex & Death, there are more Feeny guitar loops and big Siggi beats plus a few Indian film music samples.    
15   Pizzinecia   3.51
  from RPO's Hwy X cd. Lola Yde lent Biff one of her finest violins to record this this barnburner of a tune that spindles a famous TV theme into a fast 7/8 time. With Doug Code on clarinet, Seth Blair on cello, Anna Purnell on trumpet, Bill Feeny guitar, Siggi Baldursson dumbek / drumkit.    
16   Jamie Across the Water   3.43
  another unreleased Steve & Biff Beeftone tune. This one written by Boiled in Lead's first violinist, Brian Fox, who may be residing in Madison. Very pretty instrumental, slow, stately and pretty, perfect for weddings and heartfelt celebrations of all kinds. Steve plays some lovely mountain dulcimer on this one.    
17   I Really Hate The Bank   3.43
  from the Gomers "Sofa King Good" CD. Recorded at Smart Studio and mixed by Steve Marker. Dave Adler, Steve Burke, Gregg Rullman, Andy Wallman and Gordon Ranney all contributed to the ending of this tune, which is a Zappa-like musical razor blade cutting of the Bank tune in 5/4 with Donald Fagen's hit pop song "New Frontier" from "Nightfly" - played live.    
18   What Did I Come In Here For?   2.14

from RPO's Hwy X cd. A swing tune that is an ode to failing memory power and conservation of lyric. Words: "What did I come in here for, what did I come in here for, what did I come in here for? People come from miles around, just to lay their car keys down. If I find mine I'll be fine - if I don't I'll lose my mind." Features the '97 Reptiles: Siggi Baldursson drumkit & low vocal, Anna Purnell vocal & trumpet, Biff on mandosynth and lead vocal, Seth cello, Bill Guitar, Doug on Clarinet.





Turn your meat into music.


The Gomers Basement Tape CD
The Gomers

Basement Tape CD


The Gomers

Salt and Sugar

  • Biff's Creative Improv Method Book for Violin, Mandolin, Flute and Guitar - featuring Giusevska Rucenica, Neda Voda and more. This book, Creative Improv Method Book (hardcopy), is for Violin and Flute, Mandolin and any C instrument. Slide studies, left hand pizz and other exciting exercises to help you to improvise with Egyptian, Disco, Turkish, Jazz, Baltic, Gypsy, Rock, Mongolian and Arabic scales and TV Themes. Includes transcriptions (w/chords) to Biff's Jig, Giusevska Rucenica (with solo!) and Pizzinecia. $5.00.

  • The Gomers present: SALT AND SUGAR - an enhanced CD. 14 fun rawkin' tunes plus another 6 in hiding (mp3) and 2 videos! Recently featured on the Bob & Tom Show. Quite a package - The Gomers, still alive and kicking after 16 years on the music scene, are comprised today of keyboardist-singer Dave Adler, singer-guitarist-violinist Biff Blumfumgagnge, guitarists-singers Steve Burke and Marke Hervey, bassist-singer Gordon Ranney, drummer Gregg Rullman, and singer-tambourine man Andy Wallman. They are joined by several Madison guest musicians and longtime DJ Rick Murphy adding sound bites.

  • Sofa King Good: Rare, not available in stores, as featured on WMMM 105.5fm, Dr. Demento and the Subgenius Hour of Slack! Enjoy classics like It's Not Unusual, ROCK ON!, It Wasn't Human, Jewish Rapper, Sense of Smell, Headrush (What if? Talking Heads did Tom Sawyer by Rush), I Hate the Bank, SULU, so many more. Includes bonus tracks by Biff Uranus and Dave Adler, 26 songs in all -- a full 74 minutes + of satirical, zany delight. $13.99. Soon to be a digital release available on iTunes - Beeftone is the only place to get the official hard copy.

  • Gomers Live Bootleg! is a limited pressing, 74+ minute LIVE SUPER FUN Gomer CD extravaganza that is TOO FUN! Basically a 'greatest live hits' over the past few years, this disc is rare, collectable and hi-jinx-larious!! Yep, it's worth twice it's price in fun factor alone. You get 19 crazyass tunes in inspired performances by the Gomebots: It's Not Unusual, Sulu featuring Tom Ryan on piccolo, I Hate the Bank featuring Geoff Brady on marimba, It Wasn't Human, I'm An Antenna,, Karnevil 9, Thanks for the Ride Lady, The Sense of Smell, Star Wars, Touch Me, Afternoon Delight, Tanz Herr Whoren, My Dad the Pope, Bouncing the Goods, The Difference Between Salt and Sugar and many more. Again, limited release -- order yours now as these will be gone fast - just $5.99 ! - Also available at B-Side Records and Madcity Music in Madison, WI.

  • The Gomers Basement Tape CD: Super thanks to Joel Ward for transferring this gem onto digital - beefed up at Beeftone - and you get 16 original songs (well, maybe there's kindof a cover in there, sorta) of the earliest of the Biff/Gordon/Gomers recorded material (previously only on cassette). Features the Piranha Face Demo, Pterodactyl Twist, Rock n Roll Party Band, Star Wars, Have A Nice Day Live, Toystore, Gordon's Thrasher, Flanger Fun, Brady Bunch Lounge, Foolish Youth on Bike, Hammerhead, I'm A Potato, I'm An Antenna and more - a fun listen and window into the sonic mind of these Madhatters of Music. Only 9.99!

  • The Gomers "Comin Atchya" cassette includes Jewish Rapper, Piranha Face, It's Not Unusual, Hammerhead, Sgt. Carter, Don't Put that Bag on your Face, more. Collector's item featuring Bill Feeny cover art and full lyrics, less than 15 left. SORRY SOLD OUT

  • Joey Saturn & Bob Uranus - "Like the Planet" 33/45 rpm single! 3 big, funky songs: Mi Piache, Talk to Me & The Car Song, a buddhist meditation to drive by. By Biff Blumfumgagnge & Dave Adler. Blue colored vinyl. $2.50

  • Man of Constant Sorrow Digital Sheet Music, arranged by Biff - free preview!

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