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"From Madison, WI, Reptile Palace Orchestra casts a net over the globe and the ages, gathering together sounds from different cultures and different times. "
- Tom Schulte
(All Music Guide)
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TITLE: We know you know
DATE: 2003
LABEL: Omnium

This Group of Seven is known to inhabit a small city in the center of the North American continent. Supposedly they consider Earth their ancient outpost and want to have complete control over it because their planet is becoming unable to adequately support life. Thus, the RPO have scanned our world's dance music traditions.
It is an established fact that their audio transmissions induce uncontrollable movements in key segments of the population.
The Group warrants that "No animals, fish, or reptiles were harmed in the making of this record, however some insects and isopods were sacrificed. We were just following orders. Now we know you know."



Tr# Title Time Sample 

1 Kochari  3:17  
2 Sex and Death  5:20  
3 Vehicle  3:20  
4 The Reptiloids 1:33  
5 Sandansko Horo 3:33  
6 What Do You See 4:53  
7 Bert's Mandotation 2:57  
8 The Pest  4:03  
9 If You Were A Frog 3:27 MP3 
10 Eartha Lee Julie  1:29 MP3 
11 Uranus Sirtez  4:20  
12 Super Siggi Deluxe  1:46  
13 Apo Laouto  4:25  
14 Tune For Ibn Khaldun Part 1 2:45  
15 Sauna Deck Cocek  3:09  
16 Tune For Ibn Khaldun Part 2 5:47  
They broke the mold after they made the Reptile Palace Orchestra. There's absolutely no one like them, able to tread freely, humorously, and with great aplomb, around world music, as comfortable with klezmer, Eastern European rhythms, and Maghrebi melodies as they are with a cover of the jazz-rock classic, "Vehicle". ...A complex album that keeps revealing more joys with each play.
-- Chris Nickson, All Music Guide
A punk wedding band for the family of man, Wisconsin's Reptile Palace Orchestra manage the rare feat of being absurdly eclectic, yet compelling in almost everything they try. ...We Know You Know happily flits from horn-fortified loop-funk to an Ides of March cover to old European folk tunes. They're not thinking globally; they're unthinkingly global.
-- Peter S. Scholtes, City Pages (Minneapolis MN)
...simply glorious, a grab bag of music styles that dowplays just how skilled these people are. One of those records it's impossible to dislike, and by the end you'll be grinning like a loon.
-- Chris Nickson, that's both "of the earth" and unworldly at the same time ...a smorgasbord of traditional European folk dances dressed in a spicy broth of psychedelia, with a generous side of cock-rock and a frothy stein of mirth.
-- Isthmus (Madison WI)
A wildly adventurous date that is sure to leave you either speechless or breathless, but in either case, in a good way. An amazing set that exists completely in it's own time zone.
-- Midwest Record Recap
These reptilians and their allies have corrupted Earth DNA with their own and this genetic infiltration lies dormant until it is activated by the vibrational fields..
-- David Icke
The album begins...with Anna Purnell's sultry voice cuing Robert Schoville's manic drumming on the opening "Kochari." Although Assyrian in origin, there's plenty of sax and droning guitar to go along with the butt-shaking rhythm. The Reptiles can also make you dance using more conventional means. A cover of the Ides of March's "Vehicle" really moves with Purnell belting out the lyrics while new member Ed Feeny justifies the addition of a bassist to the band. It's the closest they've ever gotten to a straightforward rock song.
-- Green Man Review
The Reptilians are less emotional that their Human counterparts. Yet they have a highly refined knowledge of universal physics and laws. The Reptilians are responsible for the Mystery Schools on Earth and their teachings are from the ancient knowledge held by their parent race...
 is copyright© 2007, RPO. All rights reserved Worldwide.  
Artwork © 1997-2007 Bill Feeny
All material © 1997-2007 Beeftone Music and DeSelby Productions, Inc.
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